Just from the name itself you can tell that these juicers are designed to juice just about any kind of fruit or vegetable. There are three main types of multi-purpose power juicers that we are going to discuss today.


Centrifugal Juicers

Are fairly inexpensive and can be categorized as the cheapest type of juicer among the multi-purpose power juicers. The process of extracting juice is based on the same principle where a spinning mesh basket extracts juice from the fruit or vegetable. This is done by pushing the chopped pieces into the tube which is grated at the bottom and turned into pulp. The pulp pieces will be thrown to the sides of the basket because they are crashed at a very high speed and the juice will be extracted using centrifugal force. The pulp will be expelled or contained depending on the design of the juicer. Some of the downsides of centrifugal juicers are, since the basket is spinning at very high speed the juice can get a little bit foamy and oxidized faster destroying enzymes; also they do not perform well with sprouts or very leafy type of greens. They can also be a bit hard to clean due to their designs but if the model you choose has a pulp ejection system and you don’t have to stop the juicer every two minutes to take out pulp then go for it.

Masticating Juicers

These are single gear type of juicers that similarly work like teeth when chewing food. Their mechanism is pretty simple because the auger grinds up the food and transforms it into a pulp. Juice is extracted by squeezing the pulp against a mesh and ejecting it. Masticating juicers are better than centrifugal juicers because they are more efficient in yielding more juice from the same quantity of fruits and vegetables. The levels of oxidization and foam are also much lower compared to centrifugal. Masticating juicers can be bait costly and would require a good budget but you are guaranteed value for your money. A larger feed tube does not affect the ejection of waste unlike in centrifugal juicers where that matters a lot. If you can get one that has a larger tube it would be great because you can put larger pieces to be juiced.

Triturating Juicers

Twin gear juicers are by far the most expensive juicers among the three but also the most versatile. They have two gears that work seamlessly to grind the raw food and are without a doubt the most efficient with the lowest oxidization rate and foam. They generally work well with almost all types of foods and can even grind up nuts. A bit more force may be required to push down the fruits or vegetables compared to other juicers and picking one that has a larger tube is best. As the name implies, twin gear juicers have two interlocking gears that grind up the raw food. During cleaning you should be very careful when re assembling in order to have the interlocked gears perfectly aligned.

Depending on your budget and needs you can narrow down on which one is best for you but keep in mind juicing has lots of health benefits regardless of the juicer you use.

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