Man Boobs, reasons and effects that influence sufferers

Yes, it is a funny joke for most, but a social curse for many guys suffering from this completely embarrassing problem. While most guys will enjoy on the beach, the boys/men who suffer from man boobs only want one thing: to have a normal flat chest.

All through high school and college, I suffered the verbal abuse and constant jokes. Over the years, I have developed a real phobia to draw any attention to my “not-so-manly” side. I flat out refused to take my shirt off in any and all circumstances.


The idea of girls, see my ugly man boobs was enough to keep a shirt permanently glued to my body. Most people think that man boobs are just due to being overweight or having excess chest fat. This is true, but the problem is much deeper than that. Man boobs usually start in puberty, when your hormones go haywire.

What happens is that because your testosterone is to dip in and out, the mammary gland begins to grow – just like in women. For most teenagers, their male boobs are only a temporary problem, which is a part of puberty. For others, the problem just never seem to go away, and they take it with them into adulthood. As they gain more weight in their late twenties problem gets even worse as more fat accumulates around the chest area, and before you know it your man boobs starts sagging – which makes it look even more prominent. In most cases, man boobs are just a large volume of fat muscle that forms the chest muscles. For some men the body’s favorite place to store excess fat just happens to be in the chest area. As this builds up over time, their man boobs keep getting bigger.

The simple solution is to lose weight, but it rarely does your man boobs disappear completely. You got to deal with the hormone problem as well because swelling of the mammary glands have to go down. In more extreme cases, the muscle tissue even starts to grow and real breasts begin to form. This is considered a medical condition called gynecomastia and requires surgery to remove it.

In most cases, it is not required surgery and a little commitment and focused diet and exercise can you get rid of your man boobs for good. What makes it so difficult to get rid of man boobs, is that the traditional diet and exercise routines prescribed by weight loss experts can actually make your man boobs worse. Diet plays a very important role, and many “fad diets” can cause serious hormonal disorders, can actually increase the size of your man boobs. Make the wrong exercises can also have a counter-productive effect. The general idea is that you should do more chest exercises, but most of the time, you will only build more chest muscle that will make your man boobs protrude even more. To have man boobs can be quite demoralizing. It can seriously affect your confidence and leave permanent scars on your self-esteem. It can be beaten though and you can get rid of man boobs. The key is to get expert advice and to follow very focused and concrete solutions to this unique problem.

The common advice in fitness magazines are usually given by people who do not fully understand the problem and you will probably end up even more frustrated. Get proper guidance and seek out people who even solved this problem and get advice from them.

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