How To Gain Muscle with Somatodrol Fast With A Simple Workout Strategy

With all the information out there in the form of magazines, books, DVD courses, websites and more, you would think learning how to gain muscle fast would be pretty simple.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Just take a look around the gym and you’ll see a lot of guys that haven’t gained a single pound of muscle in the past year (or more)!

There are two main sources of muscle building information out there.  One is the bodybuilding and fitness magazines (including their websites) and the other is the pro bodybuilders.

Take a good hard look at the magazines.  They are supplement catalogs.  That’s how the magazines stay in business.  And nowadays, most magazines are even owned by a supplement company.

If those magazines teach you how to gain muscle successfully fast, you won’t need to buy their very expensive supplements!

As far as the pro bodybuilders go, they are the top one percent of the top one percent when it comes to the genetic potential for gaining muscle mass.

On top of that, most of them onde comprar somatodrol com o melhor preço use anabolic steroids and other physique enhancing drugs, so training based on their advice isn’t going to get you very far.

With all that information out there, a lot of which is contradictory, it can become very confusing.  Lifters end up jumping from routine to routine and never make any progress.

So let’s look at some simple rules on how to gain muscle fast that will get real results!

First, you need to target the most muscle mass possible in as few exercises as possible.  This means the big, basic compound exercises:

somatodrol_one_of_the_best_supplementsExercises like:

Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbells)
Chin Ups and Pull Ups
Standing Shoulder Presses
Standing Dumbbell Curls
Lying Tricep Extensions

If you want to gain muscle fast, forget the isolation exercises and machines.  Focus on getting stronger on the big basics mentioned in the list above.

Use Full Body Workouts

Forget the crazy six days per week body part splits.  Focus on full body workouts, three times per week with at least a day of complete rest between workouts.

Most people overtrain by working out too often and for too long.

That also means shorter workouts that last less than an hour.

Don’t perform more than 5 working sets per muscle in one workout.  This does not include warm ups.

Gaining muscle is a combination of building strength and doing more work in less time, also known as density training.

So to gain muscle fast, a great strategy is to combine strength training with density training.

Divide your workouts into two, strength and density.  Alternate these workouts.  So in week one, you would do strength training on Monday and Friday and frequency training on Wednesday.

The next week would be density training on Monday and Friday and strength training on Wednesday.

On strength days, perform the fun exercise for five sets of five reps per set, with three minutes of rest between sets.

On density days, play four sets of an exercise for ten reps per set, with only thirty seconds of rest between sets.

On strength days, only the last set (#5) should be taken to failure.  When you can complete five reps on all five sets, add weight the next workout.

On density days, it’s the same concept.  When you can do ten reps on all four sets, increase weight to the next workout.

On density days, you will be able to use a lot less weight than you think at first.  Try using only half of what you would use for one set of ten reps.  You can adjust as needed.

On the nutrition side, be sure and get a high number of the quality program with lots of protein.

Try this workout for twelve weeks and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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